10+ Cannabis Strains With The Highest THC Levels - #4 Will Get You High! (2023)

THC (Delta-9-Tetrahidrocanabinol) is the dominant and psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. It is responsible for the mind-blowing euphoria associated with marijuana – the more THC, the stronger the euphoria! Discover some of the best cannabis strains with the highest THC levels in this article.

Different strains of marijuana have different amounts of THC thanks to their unique genetics. As genetics have been refined through careful breeding, some state-of-the-art cannabis strains now contain incredibly high levels of THC. Many people wonder which is the strongest strain of marijuana.

Higher THC Strains: Introduction


Want to test your tolerance for something stronger? Or perhaps qualifying a stronger strain to help with more persistent medical conditions?

In any case, we are there for you. Many renowned seed banks such asILGM,MSNL,king of harvests together, have an extensive seed catalog that includes a wide range of high-THC strains for the production of fast-growing plants.

While THC-rich strains have always been around, they are more widely available and last longer than ever. A variety of factors contribute to the THC content of any cannabis strain, including its phenotype, growing conditions, seed quality, and more.

The seed banks listed above go one step further to ensure phenomenal quality and value - high THC seeds you can trust.

Let's see which are the highest THC strains.

Which strains have the most THC?

If anyone had ever talked or smoked with one of the older users in their inner circle, they would no doubt have heard the phrase: "Back in my day, marijuana wasn't that strong!You can still find these types of "just in time" stories all around you.

Many cannabis breeders who used to grow cannabis limited the THC to 10%, although this was not always the case. In many cases, reported numbers usually come from police departments, prosecutors or similar authorities, indicating the high concentration of seized marijuana.

Since restricted marijuana is perhaps the biggest problem during the "drug war' and people brought it from Mexico, most of the marijuana seized by the police was of poor quality and almost always had THC levels below 10%.

What are the benefits of choosing high-THC strains?

Medicinally beneficial and intensely mood-altering strains, like the most potent THC and CBD strains on our list, are important to cannabis users for many reasons.

First, they give users more for their money and save them money in the long run. More intense varieties also mean that you need to use fewer flowers to get the desired effect. Finally, high voltages can save time, allowing you to achieve the same effects with a fraction of the effort.

As the plant has improved to become more desirable to humans and thus ensure its survival, several strains with exceptionally high concentrations of THC levels have gained a reputation as some of the most potent cannabis strains in the world.

Top 10 cannabis strains with the highest THC content

If you're looking for a strain that will fill you with cerebral euphoria or help ease lingering medical symptoms, check out one of the high-THC marijuana strains on this list.

#1 -Bruce Banner do ILGM

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There's a good reason Bruce Banner is named after the Hulk. Bruce Banner #3 THC levels can reach up to 29%.

Many users agree that this is the strongest strain of marijuana in existence. This sativa-dominant 80/20 hybrid makes a stormy introduction with instant waves of cerebral and physical euphoria before sinking into comfortable full-body relaxation.

This powerful strain is a cross between the classic indica OG Kush and the delicious sativa Strawberry Diesel. Not only is the final product a delight for the senses, it has also made the High Times list of "World's Strongest Strains" more than once.

#2 – Ghost Train Mist

10+ Cannabis Strains With The Highest THC Levels - #4 Will Get You High! (2)

Ghost Train Haze is a sativa-dominant 80/20 strain that has a THC concentration of 27%. How intense is it? In 2012, High Times magazine declared it the "World's Strongest Species". Ghost Train Haze might be the highest THC strain in the world right now.

Thanks to its high levels of THC and its sativa genetics, this strain produces a super stimulating, energizing, euphoric and invigorating high. When you're feeling down, there's no better arm shot! But if you are prone to fear or distrust, you can skip this one.

#3 -Hindu Kush

10+ Cannabis Strains With The Highest THC Levels - #4 Will Get You High! (3)

The Hindu Kush is a close relative of the Afghan Kush as they both come from the same mountain range. Hindu Kush and Afghan Kush can mix in many places; maybe that's why they are so similar.

This strain has excellent genetics because it had to get used to growing high in the mountains. In addition, he received numerousTricomathat give it unique flavors and colors.

Latest tests have shown that Hindu Kush can reach THC levels of up to 23%, although traditionally it is tested at concentrations between 15% and 20%.

#4 -it's over lila

10+ Cannabis Strains With The Highest THC Levels - #4 Will Get You High! (4)

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It is one of the most potent and mood-altering marijuana with pure indica herbal genes. It has a bit of a grape and berry flavor, which gives it the second aspect of its name.

When grown and dried properly, this variety can also boast beautiful purple locks and hair. It grows effortlessly and thrives best indoors.

American Grandaddy Purple has been tested multiple times to exceed THC levels of 20% and multiple times just below, with a traditional average of 17.5%.

#5 -Afghan Kush de Crop King Seeds

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Not that we like Kush cannabis much, but they are among the highest THC strains in the cannabis portfolio. Furthermore, Afghan Kush is an indica variety that has been in the mainstream for some time, having its roots in the Hindu Kush mountains.

Afghan Kush was tested from left to right with many results ranging from 16% more than25% THCConcentration. Furthermore, Afghan Kush is exceptionally easy to grow both indoors and outdoors as it is mold and dirt resistant and produces large yields for its size.

#6 -girl scout cookies

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It is another variety grown almost exclusively in California. Due to its powerful genetics and high THC levels, it is a blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison. As with OG Kush, there are many different types of GSC strains that record different measures of THC levels. However, in the Washington State test, Girl Scout Cookies had an average THC content of 19%.

Several results showed a more significant presence of THC, around 25 to 28 percent. It has the characteristics of an indica strain, but its high is more similar to that of a sativa, leaving the user happy and full of energy.

#7 –Chemdawg

10+ Cannabis Strains With The Highest THC Levels - #4 Will Get You High! (7)

ChemDawg's superior genetics are a mystery, and several breeders claim to have helped create him. Many accept that their heritage comes from the indigenous races of East Asia (Thai and Nepalese). This strain is a sativa dominant hybrid with THC levels regularly reaching 20% ​​or higher.

This strain almost made it into the Colorado Cannabis Cup32% THC. ChemDawg buds are often sticky due to the high resin convergence. The name ChemDawg comes from the strain's strong diesel oil odor and similar astringent, acrid taste.

Also known as ChemDawg, this strain imparts old-school parental genetics to several respected strains, including OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The laid-back, mood-boosting effects are sure to get you out of every fear and get you moving day or night.

#8 – Critical Kush

10+ Cannabis Strains With The Highest THC Levels - #4 Will Get You High! (8)

This indica 90/10 strain is a cross between the legendary OG Kush and Critical Mass strains. The final product is one of those couch potato indicas with a THC rate of over 25%.

This Kush strain produces a relaxing and euphoric body rush accompanied by a mild cerebral high. Due to its indica genetics and high THC content, this strain has become a favorite among medical marijuana patients.

If you're looking for a strain to treat your health issue or just want to spice things up, you can't go wrong with Critical Kush! You can buy this potent strain of marijuana at your favorite pharmacy. Check their menus online to see what's available.

#9 –Super Silver Nebula

10+ Cannabis Strains With The Highest THC Levels - #4 Will Get You High! (9)

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After crossing conventional strains like Northern Lights, Haze and Skunk, the Super Silver Haze strain came to the fore. It is one of the most popular sativa strains among cannabis users, with THC levels consistently hovering around 20%.

The variety got its name mainly for its sticky layer of trichomes and boasted a relentless high that complemented its imaginative and energizing properties. Some users have described the flavor as having a pine undertone that blends perfectly with citrus and sweet notes.

At the same time, others have described Super Silver Haze as having a tangy and rather cheesy taste. First seen in Amsterdam in the late 1990's, it offers excellent performance while allowing users to keep sharp focus.

#10 -Trainwreck (Mujer) o ILGM

10+ Cannabis Strains With The Highest THC Levels - #4 Will Get You High! (10)

Trainwreck is a heady sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that delivers an energizing, uplifting and euphoric high suitable for daytime use. Trainwreck's THC levels top 25% and hit you like a train, inducing powerful cerebral highs that often elicit giggles and energetic inventiveness.

Trainwreck is born from the crossing of two native sativas (Mexican, Thai) and a powerful native indica (Afghan). Its light green buds are like pine trees with a citrus and lemon scent. Rest assured, this is one of the heaviest THC strains of marijuana to smoke.

final thoughts

Here it is! – some of the cannabis strains with the highest THC content.

Whenever you want to have a deep and engaging conversation with someone, need a higher level of fixation for an upcoming exam, or need to kick back and relax, try these powerful THC strains to take your high to the next level.

While all pure and hybrid cannabis strains contain both THC and CBD, they vary in terms of potency, resulting in different effects. How people respond to certain types of cannabis also depends on their body's natural chemistry, so the physiological effects of consuming or inhaling it can vary.

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