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You will find something special when you shop online at LBB

LBB is one of the best online shopping sites in India to discover the best local brands for women, men, kids, household, beauty, snacks and drinks. You will find more than 60,000 brands with more than 100,000 products specially selected for you. LBB has brands that sell Indian women's clothing, western women's clothing, men's clothing, fashion shoes, accessories, jewellery, affordable home decor and tasty snacks and beverages. With LBB you can shop online from the comfort of your own home and have your favorite products and brands delivered anywhere in India.


LBB is India's leading online shopping site for home decor

The LBB has a curated collection offirst local brands in home decorthat will help make your home beautiful and welcoming. You can buy ceramics, crockery, tablecloths, home decor, home accessories, wall decor, furniture, bathrooms and linens, garden and outdoor decor, lights and lamps, and fragrances.

LBB has the best online home decor brands offering wall accent options such as tapestries, picture frames, keychains, wind chimes and dream catchers. You can buy home accessories such as vases, mirrors, clocks, magazine racks and storage baskets at the best prices and with the best discounts.

LBB is India's leading online shopping site for women's fashion

discover thethe best women's fashion from LBBwhen shopping online for fashionable women's clothing. LBB's top women's clothing brands offer trendy clothingindian clothingsuch as sarees, kurtas, ethnic dresses, tunics, palazzos, dupattas, lehenga cholis and jackets and vests. You can findwestern fashion clothing for womenand shop online dresses, tops, t-shirts, outerwear, jumpsuits, shirts, shorts, skirts, capris, sweaters and hoodies. You can find women's clothing at LBB in sizes from XS to 7XL. At LBB you can buy women's fashion in large sizes.

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LBB is India's leading online shopping site for women's shoes

buy fashionWomen's shoes online at LBBof India's best local brands. LBB has more than 6,000 options for women's shoes in all styles and sizes. Buy Indian and ethnic women's shoes such as Juttis, Mojaris andcolhapuriswith the best prices and discounts. You can buy fashionFloors, heels, wedges, pumps and leisure shoes in all sizes and designs at LBB online. Buy online sandals, slippers,block jump, flats, mules, sneakers, loafers and boots at LBB.

LBB is India's leading online shopping site for beauty and skin care products

LBB has you covered with their curated collection ofThe best brands and products for skin care and beauty.from India. At LBB you can buy vegan, organic, cruelty-free, natural, Ayurvedic and chemical-free beauty and skin care products online. Shop for facial lotions, body creams and butters, soaps and shampoos, hair products, hair oils, facial serums, body lotions, makeup products like lipsticks and eyeliners. You will also find a large number of men's care products for beard care, fur care as well as hair and body care. Discover feminine hygiene products from India's best women's personal care brands.

LBB is India's leading online shopping site for women's bags and accessories

LBB has an exclusive collection curated byThe best brands of women's handbags.jin line. Discover stylish and affordable bags for women when shopping online at LBB. Buy tote bags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, laptop bags, clutch bags, backpacks, wallets and shoulder bags online at LBB. To keep things stylish, LBB also has affordable and luxury jewelry and accessories including earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Shop jewelry online at LBB for discounted prices on hoop earrings, stud earrings, jhumkas, Indian jewelry, drop earrings and statement pieces.

LBB is India's leading online shopping website for snacks and drinks

LBB is India's leading online shopping site you can get your hands onhealthy snacks and drinks.You can buy gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free snacks such as cookies, crackers, chips and Namkeens online at LBB. You can buy tasty Indian snacks like Aloo Bhujia and Chaklis. The LBB has a curated collection ofbeveragessuch as coffee, tea, kombucha, tonic water, alcohol mixers and premixes. Shop LBB for roasted coffee beans, ground coffee and instant coffee from India's best coffee brands. You can also buy tea, loose leaf tea, flavored tea and chai, and tea bags from brands that produce natural and organic tea.

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LBB is India's leading website for online gift shopping

You can buy gifts for every occasion online at LBB. LBB hasthe best gift guides and gift ideasfor you to check online and buy gifts for Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Marriage, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day, Wedding Favors, Diwali, Christmas, Eid and other festive occasions online. You can find the best gifts at any price and the best gift basket offers online at LBB.

LBB is India's leading online shopping website for children and children's fashion

New parents and parents of small children can shop children's toys, children's fashion and children's snacks online at LBB. The LBB has a curated collection ofbrands for childrenwhich creates stylish clothing, accessories, gifts, toys and snacks for children. You can buy clothes for boys and girls from 0 to 14 years old. You can find fashion for babies, girls and children online at LBB.

Shop conveniently online with LBB

With the LBB app and website, you can conveniently shop online at LBB from home or on the go. Discover the best brands in all categories at the push of a button. Enjoy the best discounts and offers when shopping online at LBB. LBB has secure online payment methods including card payments, UPI payments and Net Banking. You can also use the cash on delivery payment option. LBB also offers free shipping and easy exchanges with our dedicated LBB customer service team.

LBB benefits

LBB benefitsis a loyalty program consisting of reward points that you can collect for recommending great brands and products in India or for shopping at the LBB Shop. 1 LBB power = 1 rupee. You can use LBB benefits to get up to 20% off LBB on all products. You can also gift your friends and family with LBB benefits.

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What makes LBB great is its communityinitiatedwho love to share their personal experiences of amazing places and products with local brands. Whether you're a fashion and home decor connoisseur or just a fan of lifestyle brands and products, the LBB community is the perfect way to network with like-minded people across the country.


LBB is one of the leading online shopping and recommendation apps in India. The LBB app is available atAndroidjiOSand you can download the LBB app today for access to India's best local brands. Enjoy the best discounts and offers by shopping exclusively through the LBB app. Sign up for the LBB app on your phone and start recommending videos and articles about your favorite places and hidden gems in and around your city!

Just buy something different from LBB

LBB is one of the best online shopping sites in India with its hassle-free website and app. You can search the complete collection of brands and products on the LBB with detailed product and brand information, user ratings and expert recommendations and reviews. Discover the best recommendations and videos from LBB experts on your favorite brands and products. Our dedicated team ofLBB customer servicewill help you with all your wishes and questions. LBB offers free delivery, free returns and collection as well as cash on delivery for all products. You can also use online payment.


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