Did anyone see that Mark Johnson resigned as director of the CMP today? cmp forum (2023)

The forum rules can be found here:

Added rules:

* No abuse or insults to other members. You will receive a notification via private message. Repeated violations will result in a ban. (We mean business people).

* Seller attacks will not be tolerated. You will receive a notification via private message. Repeated violations will result in a ban.

* When posting, try to use descriptive titles for your topics to improve the site's searchability. Topic titles such as "help me" or "damn this sucks" should NOT be used. Try titles like Need Help With Aiming, How To Refuel, or Manual Vibration. This helps other users navigate the site more accurately and makes it easier for others to help.

* Everyone has a personal opinion and this often differs from others. If you get into an argument about something, discuss the issue, not the member. Whenever you feel the need to strike up a heated conversation with someone, send them a private message. Discussions in personal forums will not be tolerated.

* DO NOT post any copyrighted material on this forum without the author's permission. This could be from another website or a book you own. The owner/administrator of this website is not responsible for any copyright infringement of this kind and will therefore (to the best of its ability) prevent its public publication. This is to protect ALL members.

* DO NOT post messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually oriented, hateful, threatening or violate any law. Such messages will not be tolerated. You will receive a notification via private message. Severe violations may result in an immediate permanent ban. Repeated violations will result in a permanent ban.

* Avoid thread hijacking. Moderators will look into this and are likely to split the issue if it becomes too active and take appropriate action including deletion of posts and/or enforcement action.
Do not ask the same question or post in multiple forums or in the same thread. The best way to get the answers you're looking for is to ask a clear question in the appropriate forum and be patient. The answers will come. If you're in a hurry to find a specific answer, try the search button or read answers to similar questions. It may contain just the information you need. There is no need to post the same information over and over again as this will just clog up threads/subforums.
Don't come across non-Marketplace threads as they could fill the front page of a discussion forum. Posts that interfere with the discussion topic will be deleted.

* Any member promoting their products on the site without express permission will be banned. Personal items listed for sale in classifieds are allowed as long as they meet the criteria set out in the site's rules.

* Please do not post any information, post or topic about the process of going to the store and artificially adding a large number of items to your cart just to see how much stock is left of an item that enters the E-Store is moved!
This activity slows down Estor and can cause crashes, user order failures, and inventory errors, especially during periods of high demand/traffic.
Anyone making such forum posts will be warned once, and if violated a second time, their forum privileges will be revoked, at least temporarily. Other violations may result in a permanent ban.

* Posting links or copying listing information on external auction/commercial sites, for example. B. – Gunbroker, Ebay, Armslist, Craigslist, Reddit, gun dealer sites, etc., which are still live/active. We will not provide members with a platform to promote such auctions as there is no practical way to determine whether they or anyone they know is involved in the auction. Posts with this information will be removed. Continued violations will result in suspension of forum privileges. You may link to closed/closed auctions for educational and learning purposes.

* Users who post false information, for example - name, location, provide/post false information/data about themselves in their profile or otherwise will be banned immediately. Users who register multiple usernames will also be removed.

*Your account can be revoked at any time and for any reason.

In general, the following enforcement policies apply:

1st offense - warning
2nd Offense – Suspension from one week to six months
3rd offense – one year suspension
4th offense - permanently banned
** Depending on the nature of the violation/rule violation, a first violation may result in ANY of the above enforcement actions.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------



profile requirements

To initiate a sale, purchase or exchange of threads anywhere on the market, your profile must contain:

Yours sincerelyFIRSTESPANname just like yoursILLNESSResidence. Your profile privacy settings must be set in such a way that registered users can at least view your profile information, i. H. - Not set to "Friends Only".
B. You must opt ​​in to receive emails and PMs in the Control Panel if you intend to buy or sell.

Additionally, you must have a valid email address listed in your registration profile (which can only be viewed by moderators/administrators on the main vBulletin page).

Users with obviously false names or using false names in their profiles will be permanently removed from the forum without notice.


If a member does not enter their full name and location in their profile, their listings will be deleted WITHOUT NOTICE. You are responsible enough to engage in firearms activities, so you might as well be responsible enough to read and understand the forum rules. The posted rules are your notice as they will be posted throughout the forum. Threads/announcements will be restored once a member updates their profile with first and last name and status.

2. The Marketplace is ONLY for the mutual benefit of forum members as a resource to support each other's collecting and/or shooting goals.
It is NOT intended and will NOT be used by Members as a recurring, for-profit business/operation. This one contains:
A. Buying items from forum members and then offering them for sale at a markup/profit on other commercial sites eg. – eBay, Gunbroker, etc.
B. Resale of Clearly Marked Items Recently Purchased from CMP.
Members who flagrantly abuse this policy will lose the ability to post and use the Marketplace and may have their forum privileges suspended, temporarily or permanently.

3. You may only post personal items and/or damaged items/items belonging to WTB for you. "Sell (or buy) this to a friend/family member" and third party sell/buy advertisements are prohibited.
Also, DO NOT post or link to listings on eBay, Craigslist, Gunbroker, Reddit or any other external auction/deal site. We will also not have the articles placed here. List your item here, try to sell it here, and take it to eBay, Craigslist, Gunbroker, Auction-Arms, etc.

4. There will be no "auction style" selling here. If you list an item for sale that says something like "I accept the highest bid", it will be removed.
We ask that you only list your item on one forum to avoid confusion and/or problems with an item sold on another forum when someone tries to buy it here. If you are listing and selling on another forum, it is your responsibility to immediately update your listing on our forum. Failure to do so may result in your privilege to post on the Marketplace and even the Forum itself being suspended, at least temporarily.

If you are considering selling a 1911/1911A1 that you purchased directly from CMP, you MUST obtain approval from the CMP1911ADMIN before listing it on the forums, as a condition of purchase, purchasers of these guns are not permitted to resell them. You can contact him via PM or email:[email protected]

5. Sellers (or people selling large quantities of the same product as part of a trading company) must first contact a moderator or administrator.

6. Failure to provide information is also known as fraud. It is the sole responsibility of the person listing an item to ACCURATELY and TRUELY describe it.
Example: If you are selling a 9-inch rifle stock, you must provide this information to the buyer. Don't describe the item and tell the buyer that the stock only has "light scratches".
If we determine that you are misleading a member by not disclosing facts about their information, your access to this section will be restricted and you may be permanently banned from the forum.



A. Briefly describe your item in the title, along with WTS, WTT or WTB.
B. We have no rules about notifying a purchase or transaction in an ad. This can be done via a thread post, PM, email, phone call, drawer, etc. If you set the terms of sale, you must follow them! We do not require or enforce any terms of purchase. However, if a member violates his own terms, he can at least expect to be banned from the market section. Example: if you say "I'll buy first" and sell to someone via PM or email without updating your ad, and they post and receive it, that's your problem. We won't be party to a dispute, but at least you lose your privilege to post to the marketplace by not following your own terms.
C. You must include a price and place it prominently so it is not lost in the description. Listings without a price will be deleted. It's okay to provide a price and an OBO (or Best Offer). However, there are no auction offers
D. Provide COMPLETE and ACCURATE information as mentioned in point 4. i.e. H. Color, size, caliber, year, make, model, condition, defects, etc.
E. Post pictures or at least links to them. If you are unable to post pictures, please email them.
F. List the shipping, collection, or delivery options for the buyer and the cost.
G. Be sure to mark your listing as "SOLD" once items are sold.

8. Do not create ads older than 90 days without moderator permission. Ads older than 90 days will be blocked after suspension.

9. Do not display an ad more than once in 24 hours. Ads displayed multiple times within 24 hours will be suspended or deleted. Members who continue to do this will have their ads banned or deleted and will lose permission to post to the marketplace.

10. Remove front ragged bars to keep thread size to a minimum. No one wants to have to search through more than four pages of "bump" or "tttt" posts just to find information about the referenced article.
If they are not removed, mods will remove them and/or delete the thread if it gets out of hand.

11. If you are committed to buying or selling, please contact the seller or buyer by PM or email within 24 hours to make arrangements.

12. If an item is for sale, please mark the thread as such. This helps weed out recurring old threads as well as those looking for specific articles.

13. For WTB items anywhere in the market:
- Only respond to a WTB ad if you have the item you want or have specific knowledge of the availability of that item. For example, don't post "EBay Check" or "Gunbroker Check".
- After finding/purchasing the items you want, delete the thread to avoid wasting other members' time and to allow other threads to be visible.

14. Keep secret threads free from redundant/sarcastic comments and questions, no matter how innocent or commendable they are. This prevents the thread from derailing and creating pointless brainstorming and stealthy access to the thread.
If you have a technical or knowledge question about an article listed, please start a new thread or search and fix an existing thread.
If you wish to thank or praise a seller or an item DO NOT do so in the sales thread as this will unnecessarily create a stale thread and such comments will be deleted. Instead, do the person a courtesy by posting here in the buyer/seller comments section:

Basically, if you don't have a question that DIRECTLY relates to a specific sell/trade/buy topic, don't post! This is especially true for violations of a member's asking price listing, as there is a tendency to post negative responses when someone is listing an item for sale that others find expensive.
We do not tolerate members disregarding another member's promotion in relation to their proposed price.
This includes posting low ball offers. If you want to bid below the asking price, even if it says OBO, please do so by PM or email.
If an item is sold and the list member has excluded the price (which is their prerogative) and you want to know what the price was, DO NOT post in the thread. PM to member.

Anyone who consistently violates or violates the postings of other members may have their forum privileges suspended temporarily or even permanently.

15. No duplicate or multiple threads in different sections for the same article. Choose a section that suits you best and post there. Additional duplicate topics are deleted.

16. You may not use the Signature Block feature to solicit purchases, trades and/or sales. That's why we have the marketplace... Post a thread with your specific ad WTB, WTS, WTT.
You can have up to two lines saying you are looking or looking for a specific weapon/weapon and serial number.
As with individual posts, signature blocks/lines are subject to the same forum rules and will be treated accordingly if they violate forum rules, policies/procedures, or take up too much space in a post.


- Buyers and sellers must verify each other's identities before sending money and/or products. If possible, get each other's phone numbers and have a quick chat to confirm transaction details.
- As a suggestion, sellers should consider using a delivery confirmation to avoid conflicts with buyers. They said they never received the products.
- Buyers should get to know the seller a little before sending money. If something doesn't feel right; probably not. When something seems too good to be true. it probably is. Please contact a moderator or report a thread/post that appears to be a hoax.
- Respect colleagues. This area is a great place to support/help your colleagues and occasionally make new friends. Please be respectful of your colleagues. Maybe try selling to a member here instead of eBay and maybe save a buck or two. If you have any questions, issues or concerns, please feel free to contact a moderator or administrator.
- We do not require members to maintain advertisements or maintain a thread listing value. As this is your listing, you can remove it at your discretion and also remove the asking price if you wish. If anyone is curious about the price of the item for sale, please contact the seller via PM. DO NOT post in a thread.
- Finally, don't forget the unitBuyer/Seller Feedback

Did anyone see that Mark Johnson resigned as director of the CMP today?cmp forum (3)

Rate the members you've bought, sold, or traded parts with.

Be sure to share a good or bad experience with your buyer or seller and let others know what to expect. Also, check for a member before purchasing if you have any questions.


1. All spammers will be immediately and permanently banned.
2. Inappropriate or inappropriate threads will be closed with or without reason for closure or deleted at mods/admins discretion.
3. If you fail to follow the established rules, your posts may be deleted, removed or edited by moderators.
4. If you repeatedly fail to comply with the set rules, you will be banned from this section or the CMP forum for a period of 2 days or permanently, at the discretion of the moderators.

NOTE: These rules are subject to change at any time. Administrators and moderators have the right to make whatever decision is appropriate for the site and its users.


CMP, its employees and forum administrators/moderators do NOT assume any responsibility or liability for any transactions in the marketplace. Use is at the discretion of Members and CMP will not be liable for any disputes or claims between Members relating to transactions.
The Civilian Shooting Program Forum is intended primarily to be a technically oriented website for professional, civil, and intellectual discussion of CMP competitions, activities, firearms, and related events. We are an online community built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts of all ages and walks of life. Please remember that we have new CMP participants visiting this site. Enjoy your stay and with your help we can make the CMP forums safe for everyone.

Opinions and contributions on this site do not necessarily reflect those of the Civilian Target Shooting Program.

If you have any questions, please contact a moderator.

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