Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (2023)

Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (1)

Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (2)


Does CVS sell distilled water?

Yes! CVS sells distilled water in CVS Health Distilled Water and Smartwater 1-gallon jugs ranging in capacity from 16.9 oz to 1.0 liter. The current price range is $1.79 to $14.59 per gallon and you can find it in aisle 17. However, it may be out of stock due to a shortage of distilled water.

What brands of distilled water does CVS carry?

There are two brands of CVSpharmacy distilled water: CVS Health and Smartwater. Be careful with mineral-added distilled water (found in Smartwater) as warranties on medical devices such as CPAP machines may be voided. Just use distilled water without adding anything. Get to know the bestdistilled water for CPAP machines.

CVS has 9,875 branches in the United States, which is an average of 197 branches per state. As such, there are likely to be several CVS pharmacies in your area, but remember that individual stores may have different brands and sizes depending on the stock available.

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PRICE OF CVS DISTILLED WATER: How much does distilled water cost at CVS?

Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (3)

It's the question you always ask yourself first, "How much does distilled water cost in CVS?" CVS distilled water costs between $1.79 and $14.59 per gallon.You'll always get a better deal with the larger 1-gallon size, but smaller, travel-friendly sizes are available; Just expect to pay more. If you buy any size distilled water from CVS Pharmacy and pay full retail price, it is usually more expensive than other stores like supermarkets. One justification for paying a higher price could be that they tend to be closer to neighborhoods than the supermarket so it might be cheaper for you as you don't have to spend money on gas to drive further. Below are all the different sizes of distilled water bottles. I've included the actual price and calculated the price per gallon so you can easily compare them. Remember to always ask the seller if there is a special sale or promotion as this may not be stated on the price tag. The current offer on the website is "Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off" which is actually cheaper than some grocery stores. All prices below are regular prices and do not include temporary sale prices or in-store promotions. There are 3 types of distilled water:

  1. plain steam distilled water
  2. steam-distilled water with minerals/electrolytes etc
  3. Alkaline steam distilled water pH 9 with minerals/electrolytes.
distilled water signCVS price for distilled waterprice dateprice per gallon
CVS Health 1 Gallone$ 1,29March 28, 2022$ 1,79
smart water 1.0L$2,89March 28, 2022$ 11,01
smart water16.9 ounces - 6 packs6,99 US-DollarMarch 28, 2022$ 8,58
smart water 23.7 oz$2,69March 28, 2022$ 14,59
Smartwater 1.0L ALK$2,89March 28, 2022$ 11,01
Smartwater 16.9 oz - Pack of 6$ 10,99March 28, 2022$ 6,91


Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (4)

CVS Health's 1-gallon distilled water bottles have the most detailed labels of any distilled water brand I've seen. First you get the "CVS Quality Money Back Guarantee". Second, you get specific information about where the water used to make the distilled water comes from and who is bottling the water. It even shows that the source of the water is "Well #1" and the exact location of that well! When I read that, I was blown away... talking about transparency and not hiding anything; That's incredible! The label includes guaranteed information, treatment, processing, delivery, bottling, distribution and reporting of water quality. Take a look at the following details:

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Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (5)

  • CLEANING BY:Steam distilled, filtered and ozonated to ensure quality.
  • INCLUDES:Distilled water
  • FUENTE:Good No. 1 mountain. Pleasant Twp., Pennsylvania.
  • BOTTLED BY: Fox Ledge Inc., 1432 Bethany Turnpike, Honesdale, PA 18431 CT#570, PA DEP#395, NYSHD Cert. #301
  • FOR A REPORT ON WATER QUALITY: Ligue para 1-866-347-9280 oder escreva para Water Source One, 1114 Lost Creek Blvd, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78746
  • DISTRIBUTED BY:CVS Pharmacy, Inc. One CVS Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895 1-800-SHOP CVS


Fox Ledge Inc. is a northeastern Pennsylvania bottled water company that offers private label to other businesses. CVS Pharmacy uses Fox Ledge to make distilled water and bottle it for all CVS stores in the US. Fox Ledge Inc. has the simplest water quality report I've found. Simply go to the website from the main menu, click on the 'About' drop down menu and select 'Water Quality'. HeThe Fox Ledge website states:

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) program is a leading global food safety and quality certification system and program and is administered by the SQF Institute, a division of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). SQF is an internationally recognized certification program and SQF certification meets government requirements for traceability and food safety.

Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (6)

Fox Ledge Inc.'s water quality report is citedAnalysis of the distilled finished product. The Fox Ledge Inc. CVS Health reports the pH is 5.5 and the TDS is ND (no detection).Download the CVS Health Distilled Water Quality Report. Fox Ledge's distilled water report was just one of three reports found by Consumer Reports.

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Consumer reports stated:

Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (7)

“There is no single source that maintains a list of these quality reports that companies are required to produce for federal inspectors or state regulators. The website of the International Bottled Water Association, the industry's leading lobby group, has links to some of them. but many of these links are broken,CR found."

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What aisle is CVS distilled water in?

Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (8)

One of the perks of buying distilled water from CVS Pharmacy is that the store is small and fairly easy to find.CVS Distilled Water is in Aisle 17. You can find it in the row, but don't forget to check the cap as Distilled Water is sometimes for sale.

    Can distilled water be purchased from

    Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (9)

    No, you cannot currently purchase distilled water from The website says "Shipping not possible." Because distilled water is so difficult and expensive to ship, the only option is to buy it in stores. Does CVS have distilled water in stores? Yes. In fact, says distilled water from CVS Health is "stores only . "You just found out you can't order it online, but that's not a problem because you can pick it up at your local CVS, right?" Unfortunately, no. Due to the shortage of distilled water, many CVS stores are empty When I was looking for distilled water at a local store, I got this message: "Out of stock at... business address".

    Does CVS sell distilled water? CVS Health Distilled Water, 1 gallon (10)

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    I went to 5 different CVS stores and only found empty shelves. I would recommend that you search the website for a store that sells distilled water. Just click on “Choose a store” at the top of the website. You can enter a zip code and select a store. It will then show you the stock level for that store. You can also use google search "distilled water near me cvs" and see what happens. I know this is really impractical, but with unpredictable stock levels, you really have to dig to find the distilled water supply at CVS.


    Have you ever thought about having your own still water and avoiding the hassle of going from store to store to find the distilled water you need? It can be frustrating when you finally arrive at the store to find empty shelves again! Take control of your distilled water supply and make your own distilled water. Do not rely solely on CVS or any other vendor for your distilled water supply.Purchase a commercial Durastill water stillthat lasts up to 30 years and is proudly made for you in the USAdomestic use, commercial use orindustrial use!


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