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A simple and inexpensive way to liven up your countertops is to use masking paper. Contact paper is becoming more and more popular these days. It's very hard to follow and it also changes when you get bored.

The finish looks amazing and is not sticky at all and many people use it to decorate their homes. ButIs contact paper waterproof?

Yes, contact paper is waterproof. That's because it's made of PVC vinyl. Not only that, some of the best contact papers are also heat resistant. This is why they are so popular for kitchen countertops or even in the bathroom. They absorb water well and are not damaged by it.

However, sticky paper is not a permanent solution. Eventually you'll have to replace it, but that's also why so many people like it.

But if it's not easily damaged by water, then why isn't this a more permanent solution? let's find out

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Is contact paper waterproof?

Yes, contact paper is waterproof. Contact paper is made from PVC vinyl, a synthetic plastic polymer. This special polymer has a structure that has no OH groups. Therefore, it cannot form hydrogen bonds with water molecules. Therefore, even when it comes into contact with water, it does not react and will not be damaged.

Contact paper is water and water resistant. This means that not only can it resist the ingress of water molecules, but it is also completely waterproof no matter how long it remains in contact with water.

Due to the strong structure of its molecules, contact paper is very durable. It is perfect for use in wet conditions.

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On one side of the contact paper is the waterproof, plastic-like side. And on the other side there is a whole layer of glue that you can use to stick the paper to flat surfaces.

What often happens is that while the material itself is waterproof, over time the edges will lift or loosen and water can seep in and damage the adhesive.

Over time, the water on the edges will dissolve the adhesive and no longer adhere properly to the countertops. That's why you usually have to change your contact paper after some time.

Even if you use the contact paper in a relatively dry place, the adhesive will weaken over time. But it usually lasts longer in a dry place and nothing can damage the glue underneath.

Also, making sure to seal the edges well can also prevent the edges from losing their glue over time.

Is contact paper waterproof? (Detailed Explanation) - Technical Scientist (1)

Where can you use contact paper?

While sticky paper was traditionally used to line the bottoms of closet drawers, today it can be stuck to any flat, smooth surface.

It is ideal for DIY projects and can brighten up your home without breaking the bank. Whether it's marble, wood, or even steel, as long as the surface is flat and smooth, it should stick well.

Can contact paper be used as wallpaper?

Is contact paper waterproof? (Detailed Explanation) - Technical Scientist (2)

Yes, you can use contact paper as wallpaper or wall decoration. If you want to cover the whole wall, you have to buy a lot, and it can often be easier to just buy wallpaper. But technically it works fine as a wallpaper.

Contact paper glue is very strong. So as long as you apply it carefully and make sure the application is smooth and there are no air bubbles, it should look amazing.

Instead of trying to cover the entire wall in contact paper, you can use it to cut out designs or use as wall decals to add some color to your boring walls.

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However, remember that since the adhesive is strong, removing the contact paper will likely ruin the paint underneath. But the same applies to the wallpaper.

If you decide to remove the wallpaper from the walls, you can always sand and paint the wall. But if your wall is new and you don't want to ruin it, stay away from sticky paper.

Can you use contact paper in the shower?

Is contact paper waterproof? (Detailed Explanation) - Technical Scientist (3)

Yes, you can also use sticky paper in the shower to cover the tiles. However, since mosaics have many grooves, it can be difficult to stick self-adhesive paper in a way that doesn't look weird.

Also, the steam from the shower can weaken the adhesive and cause it to come off faster. So I wouldn't recommend putting contact paper in the shower.

However, the results differ. Sometimes high-quality adhesive paper works well for the shower. As long as you can make sure that water and steam don't get on the label, it can work fine. So you can try.

Because it's so cheap, it's very easy to peel it off if you don't like it. So try it yourself and see if it works for you.

Can you put cling paper on a sink?

Is contact paper waterproof? (Detailed Explanation) - Technical Scientist (4)

Yes! Whether it's the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink, masking paper can be used to cover the countertop around the sink. The trick is to be careful with the edges that come into contact with the soapy water.

Then you can use something like silicone caulk to seal the edges and that will keep your sticky paper much longer.

Working around the sink can be quite tricky as the edges are curved. First try to stick the contact paper and smooth it with a ruler or cardboard. Then simply use an NT cutter or blade to trim the edges to line up perfectly with the sink.

You can also snip a few inches off the sink, but this can leave a noticeable awkward edge.

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The advantages of contact paper

In addition to being waterproof, contact paper has many other advantages. If you haven't used it yet, it's time to get on board.

Here are some benefits of contact paper.


Perhaps one of the main reasons why contact paper is so popular, especially among young people, is its affordable price.

If you just want to decorate your bedroom or study, or if you get bored easily and you can't change the marble countertop regularly, the adhesive paper is the solution for all that.

It is very easy to get and you can find many designs and variants. They are also available in different qualities.

Then you can use the higher quality ones for more serious projects and the others for more casual craft projects. And all without breaking the bank!

easy to change

Is contact paper waterproof? (Detailed Explanation) - Technical Scientist (5)

Contact paper is very easy to use. It's like stickers. Since it's not a permanent solution, it gives you the freedom to experiment with different patterns and uses and see what you like.

You will never tire of looking at the same marble slab for years.

Change up the designs and colors to suit your mood, or even experiment with different themes and aesthetics throughout the home for a more consistent look.


When used properly, contact paper can last for years. Although it's not a permanent solution, you can use it as such. The glue should last much longer, especially in dry locations.

If you take good care of it and especially if you stick it right the first time, you can keep it for a long time.

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The adhesive on the back is extremely strong. So if you can make sure the edges don't lift, your contact paper should last a long time!


You can use the sticker paper in many different ways. Not just for the most ordinary things like lining countertops and cabinets, but you can get as creative as you like and use it as wallpaper, wall decals or even on the floor.

Even school teachers use contact paper for children's projects. And if you are a fan of DIY home decor items, then you can find many other uses for them. You can also use it to create labels and create aesthetic and organized spice cabinets.

Another great idea for using contact paper is to use it as a laptop sleeve. Get cool patterns and designs to personalize your laptop! The possibilities are endless.

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I look forward to all your confusion on the question:It is waterproof contact paper.cleared! Adhesive paper is a great and inexpensive way to redesign your home and the best part is you can keep switching to try new patterns and designs without getting bored.

It can also protect the underlying surface when experimenting with different looks.


Is contact paper waterproof? ›

Yes, contact paper is water-resistant. This is because it is made up of vinyl, which is waterproof. But this does not mean that contact paper is absolutely immune to damage. A contact paper has a decorative surface on one side and an adhesive material on the other.

What are the advantages of contact paper? ›

It's water resistant, easy to apply and removable, and it'll instantly transform a space. There is even a contact paper that looks like stainless steel and can be used on plastic-front appliances to give them a quick update! Contact paper also comes in other forms, one such being a peel and stick backsplash.

Is contact paper permanent? ›

1. Contact paper counters aren't permanent. Perhaps the most appealing thing about contact paper countertops—aside from their affordable price—is that they're impermanent. This makes them a great short-term solution for updating counters without making a significant financial investment.

What is contact paper made of? ›

Contact paper is an inexpensive material that has a decorative surface on one side and a highly adhesive material on the other side. The surface is usually made from vinyl type material and is highly durable. You might remember it as a shelf or drawer liner growing up but it has so many great uses and applications!

How can I make my contact paper waterproof? ›

If you're concerned about water and gunk getting underneath the edges of the contact paper in high traffic areas like the sink or stove, you can seal it with silicone caulk.

How well does contact paper hold up? ›

Contact paper is an inherently durable material and short of putting a hot pot on it, it is very durable and does not need to be sealed. However, you may opt to apply caulking around the cut edges in cases where there is a lot of water and humidity involved like in a kitchen or bathroom.

Can contact paper peel off? ›

Remove with a hairdryer

The heat will help unbind the adhesive of the contact paper to your surface. It should be pretty easy to peel off.

Can I put contact paper over shower tile? ›

Contact paper is sometimes used by do-it-yourselfers as a covering for tiled backsplashes in both bathrooms and kitchens, but this is not the best solution to cover ugly shower tiles. Sometimes homeowners try to cover ugly shower tile with wallpaper as well.

Can you use contact paper on a bathroom vanity? ›

I updated the look of my bathroom vanity by using 2 types of contact paper and peel and stick backsplash tiles. I'm planning to keep the contact paper DIYs long-term or until I commit to a style to maybe permanently repaint/replace the countertop but for now, this is amazing enough.


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