Postal delivery time: How long does it take from postcode to postcode? - PostScan mail (2023)

Many of us wonder how long it takes to move mail from one zip code to another. That's because we're curious about how fast our package or mail will arrive, and we also want to know the averageUSPS shipping timesfor mail in our areas.

Fun fact - USPS is the largest postal service in the United States. They handle a lot of mail and packages of different sizes every day and try their best to provide good service to their customers. However, this does not circulate this question in the mind of either the sender or the recipient.”How long does it take to post from one zip code to another??

Worried about issues like postal delivery time? How long will it take for my letter to arrive? What are the USPS mail delivery times and other questions? So are you okay here?

We answer all your questions and more here! So dive in, let's get started!


How long does it take for mail to go from zip code to post office?

The time required for aPostcode to Postcode courier delivery depends on itthe type of email chosen by the sender and other factors. In general, two factors affect this: the size of the mail or package and the distance between the two locations.

When talking about zip code to zip code delivery times, you need to consider the different types of zip codes, how they work, and why delivery times vary from zip code to zip code. So follow this guide to learn: USPS mail types, understand your zip code and how it affects your mail delivery time.


The United States Postal Service classifies mail and packages into different categories based on delivery speed. There are five main segments used in direct mail:

  • First Class Mail: 1-3 working days
  • Priority mail: 1-3 business days
  • Priority Mail Express: Guaranteed 1-2 days
  • Marketing-Mail-Express: 2–10 Tags
  • USPS Retail Field: 2-8 Werktage

Let's look at each of these news categories individually.

Was it first class mail?

OUSPS First Class Mailoffers the best delivery services for direct mail such as letters, postcards and packages in the United States. While the standard delivery time for First Class Mail is between 1 and 5 business days, smaller packages are usually delivered within 3 days. Used to send cards, letters, and packages weighing up to 13 ounces. Plus, First Class Mail offers cheaper rates and free automatic returnsmail forwarding.

What is Priority Mail?

USPS Priority Mail is a convenient and fast way to ship items at a great price. Its simple procedures make it idealAddressServices for small businesses. Parcels sent by priority mail are delivered faster than this first class mail and can weigh up to 70 pounds.

Priority Mail is also insured depending on how much you purchased the label and also gives you the option to pay postage by stamp or postage meter. Priority mail delivery time is usually 1-3 days. If you want a faster option, you can search for priority mail.

What is Priority Express Mail?

Priority Mail Express is the fastest USPS mail delivery service and even offers overnight delivery. Larger mail items in this category take 1-3 days.

The rate for this shipping class is based on the weight, dimensions, distance and price range of the package. Also, zip codes increase with distance. The maximum weight of a package that can be shipped via Priority Mail is 70 pounds.

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What is Marketing Mail Express?

Formerly known as Standard Mail, this postal service allows businesses and commercial mailers to send marketing materials to prospects and customers. Only messages that have been prepared in bulk can be sent via marketing email. In return, the USPS offers bulk rates that are much lower than regular postal rates.

Express Marketing Mails take between 2 and 10 business days to be delivered and can be used to send articles such as circulars, flyers, brochures, catalogues, newsletters, etc.

Foi o USPS Retail Ground?

USPS Retail is one of the most popular and affordable postal servicesUSPS. delivery packagesShipping by this postal service takes 2-8 business days.

Ground retail service takes longer than other postal services such as First Mail and Priority Mail because the USPS uses basic modes of transportation (trucks and buses) to deliver packages.

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How long does USPS first class last?

Most people believe that mail and packages sent by first class mail are delivered overnight. I'm sorry, but I'm sorry for thinking that. But who doesn't want that? Neither me nor you, I guess.

According to the USPS Estimated Time of Delivery, first-class mail will arrive within one to three days.

The number of days depends on many factors, such as: B. the distance between two locations, possible breakdowns, minor accidents, weather conditions and other unavoidable excuses. Federal holidays observed by the USPS may also cause your mail or package to take a little longer than usual. I understandUSPS Holidays2022.

So when trying to estimate the delivery time for your first mail, consider the distance between the two locations and the inevitable excuses that can come along.

You can also visit the official USPS website for local shipping times in your area. This will give you a more accurate answer.

Postcode: What is a postcode and what types of postcodes are there?

In this section, we look at postal codes and their types.

What is a zip code?

A zip code is a postal code system used by the United States Postal Service for addresses within the United States.

The USPS introduced postal codes in 1963 with a basic five-digit format. Twenty years later, in 1983, an extended form of the postal designationZip-4It was presented. It consists of the first 4 digits of a postal code, a hyphen, and four more digits that indicate a location.

A zip code alone explains which state, city, and town a message is addressed to when examining a package. PLZ orders can be sorted earlier and more easily, improving delivery to your destination.

The first digit of a postal code identifies a specific state or group of states in the United States. For example, zip codes that start with 3 can belong to a specific state or group of states. Therefore, any email address starting with 3 will be sent to one of the states in that group. Also, the second and third digits indicate an area in a particular state, and the fourth and fifth digits below the address indicate a specific street or area.

What types of postal codes are there?

In general, the USPS ships to four types of zip codes. Postcode-to-postcode postal delivery time depends on the location you are sending the message to. Therefore, it is important to understand the types of CEPs.

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1. standard zip code

This is the most common type of zip code used for most direct mail pieces. Almost all addresses except those listed below use the standard postal code.

2. CEP

As the name suggests, this type of zip code is used for PO Boxes. Each post office box has its own unique post code

3. military zip code

These zip codes are used to indicate military bases throughout the United States and its borders. This applies to both fixed and mobile military bases. There is also the possibility that these zip codes overlap with other geographic zip codes.

4. single zip code

These are less common zip codes. They are usually given to high tech addresses like big companies and corporations. In some cases, however, higher institutions and government agencies are also assigned unique postal codes.

How do zip codes affect USPS delivery time?

Zip codes affect delivery times for mail and packages in several ways. One of the most common methods is distance - if there is a great distance between two zip codes, mail will take longer to be delivered, especially if you are using the USPS overland retail service.

System glitches and malfunctions also affect the delivery of mail between two zip codes. For example, the postman may be sick, the vehicle may break down, or there may be heavy traffic - all of these factors result in a postal delivery delay between two zip codes.

Postcodes can also affect the delivery of your mail if the sender accidentally enters an incorrect digit in a postcode. A single digit is enough to send your package to the wrong address. You must check the zip code and ensure it is correct before taking any mail or packages to the post office.

What other factors affect zip code to zip code estimated postal delivery time?

In addition to the factors mentioned, other factors can affect the delivery of ZIP-to-Postcode messages. However, unlike the factors above, most of the elements here are predictable and can be avoided with proper planning.

federal holidays

USPS employees are often overwhelmed with work on federal holidays, particularly Christmas and New Years. As their offices are crowded with mail and packages, this is the busiest time of the year.

It is therefore not surprising that postal delivery is often delayed during peak periods and holidays. However, this delay can be avoided if you are careful enough. For example, you can easily plan cards and packages well in advance and send them to your loved ones so they can receive them on time.


One of the main factors affecting the delivery of mail is the distance between the sender and the recipient. Distance and difficult access to remote areas make it difficult to deliver many mail items, causing delays and frustration.

To avoid this, you can check the shipping time for a local area on the USPS website. Since this data comes directly from the USPS, it is possible to predict when your mail will be delivered.

pending direct mail

The USPS is the largest postal service in the United States, handling thousands of messages and packages every day. So it's not surprising that the USPS occasionally has delays.

However, these backlogs usually occur at peak times, and when outages occur, a lot of emails are sent. Therefore, you can avoid this by minimizing your mailings during this time.


Another reason for delayed mail delivery between postal codes is extreme weather conditions. For example, if there is heavy rain, a storm or a hurricane, USPS personnel will not be able to deliver supplies to the area in a timely manner.

Weather conditions are usually unavoidable as the weather can change at any time. However, you can still minimize the delay by sending an email or package when the weather forecast for that day looks good.

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See below for more information.US Postal Service Holidays 2022: Are Post Offices Open?

USPS mail delivery time

In general, all domestic and international mail has a USPS delivery time of 5:00 pm. However, this may be affected by factors beyond the control of the USPS, such as: B. weather conditions, vehicle damage or delays.

For domestic mail, the USPS is required to deliver before noon, regardless of your zip code. This is standard practice and is followed by almost all postal companies. But here, too, unforeseen circumstances can cause a delay.

For Priority Mail Express, which costs more than other USPS courier services, the usual estimated delivery time is 10:30 am. Also, delivery is faster for packages shipped with higher cost. This can also be influenced by unavoidable factors.

General USPS Mail Delivery Days

It may sound strange, but the USPS delivers on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays as well. It is important to know that the availability of postal delivery services mainly depends on the working hours of the local post office.

They mostly follow a six-day weekly pattern, with deliveries Monday through Saturday, with Sunday being a day off. However, there are some exceptions in some parts of America, where there are five days of work and two days of rest. Also, during peak periods when there are drastic delays, the USPS usually ships on Sundays.

However, as Sunday is basically a day of rest, we cannot speak of a general rule. So we're not saying that the USPS ships on Sundays during peak season. Instead, they do this to accommodate their customers whenever possible, paying employees overtime.

In general, all post offices in the country work 5 days a week. On Saturdays they deliver Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express packages.

When does Usps deliver to my zip code?

To find out the USPS shipping time for your zip code, just use itStandard USPS Postal Delivery Time Calculator. It is a useful tool called USPS provided by USPSService Obligations. It provides information about the exact detailsStandard postal delivery time from zip code to zip code. However, you need to fill in the information before the tool tells you the delivery time:

  • Postal code where the letter was sent
  • Postal code to which the letter was sent
  • Date the letter was sent
  • Time the letter was sent

This tool is only valid when you receive emails. You can also use it before sending a package or email to let the recipient know exactly when they expect the email.

Read more at What time is USPS mail delivered?

How long does it take for USPS to deliver mail to the same zip code?

Most messages sent and delivered to the same zip code take no more than 24 hours, depending on when you send the mail or package to the post office. If you're smart enough to deliver the mail before noon, it will be delivered the next day, and if it's in the afternoon, it will probably be delivered within two days.

How long does it take the USPS to deliver mail from one zip code to another within the same city?

Mail within the same city but with different zip codes is considered local mail. These messages usually take 2-3 days to be delivered.

This includes first-class mail such as bills, letters, greeting cards and more. So if your grandma's birthday is in the next three days, send the package today because it won't arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

How long does it take for a postmarked letter to arrive?

You can use this card to quickly find out when your stamped letter will arrive.Map. While not as accurate, it does give an idea of ​​USPS service standards.

Okay, this might confuse a newbie, but it's easy.

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Maps show specific destinations that determine how long it takes a letter to get from one destination to another.

After opening the map, you will need to change some readings to get accurate results.

They are:

  • Service:Here you can choose between origin, destination or destination entry
  • Correspondence category:Here you will be asked to specify the type of email you are sending. Whether it's first class, magazines, parcel services or regular mail. If you do not select the appropriate shipping order, you will get an inaccurate result.
  • Postal code and place name:Here you enter your recipient's postal code and city.

Regular State-to-State Mail Delivery Time

A common question asked by people isHow long does it take to post from one state to another?? The only way to know exactly when your mail will reach its destination is to purchase tracking information. This can be useful if you receive emails frequently and want to keep track of your emails.

However, if you run a small business that regularly sends and receives direct messages, this is not the right choice. Printing and emailing is already expensive, and spending more money on tracking can reduce your ROI.

Many companies use direct mail to send out marketing materials, so there's no need to spend extra money to monitor them.

Basically, there is no way to track the delivery time of your direct mail, especially if it is sent in bulk. How long does regular mail take from state to state? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not as simple as you might think.

Similar to first class mail we discussed above, there are several factors at play here.

These factors include distance, destination, delivery routes and more. Ideally, regular mail takes 3-5 business days to reach your destination, even if it's in a different state. This can be affected by weather conditions, outages and other unavoidable issues.

How long does it take to post from one state to another?

Many factors affect the regular delivery of mail from state to state. This includes the type of message you sent, your city, the recipient's city, the date, time and option sent.

To know exactly when your email will arrive, you need to buy aUSPS-Tracking-Systemto track the delivery status of your messages and packages. You might also consider a shipping option that offers free tracking, or use the USPS delivery model to estimate the approximate arrival time for your mail.

Why not try a virtual mailbox?

You can avoid the stress of finding out when the USPS will deliver your mail by signing up for avirtual mailboxcomPostScan-Mail.

A virtual mailbox provides a post office box or physical address to receive your mail. They are called virtual because all your choices are made virtually through your cell phone, tablet, MacBook or notebook.

A benefit of the virtual mailbox is it doesn't matter where you are. You will continue to receive your email and may even request a referral.

Once your mail arrives, our experts will scan the outside and send it electronically. From there, you can request that mail be opened, disposed of, recycled or forwarded in the comfort of your room.

Pleasecontact usFor all information about our company and how we can support you with your needs.

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How long does mail take from zip code to zip code? ›

First Class Mail

Mail transit time is one to five business days from ZIP to ZIP for mail and two to five business days for small packages.

How long does USPS take to deliver mail in the same zip code? ›

Most mails sent and delivered in the same zip code take nothing more than 24 hours, depending on when you drop the mail or package at the post office. If you're sharp enough to drop off the mail before noon, it will be delivered the next day, while if it's afternoon, it will likely be delivered within 2 days.

Does mail arrive faster with zip codes? ›

Zip codes are used by the USPS for sorting purposes only and do not affect the delivery time of a letter or package from one zip code to another. The USPS strives to provide the fastest service possible, but the speed at which mail is delivered depends on many factors.

How long does regular mail take to arrive in a different state? ›

First-Class Mail

First-Class letters are estimated to arrive in 1 to 5 business days, while packages only take 1 to 3 business days. The First-Class service works best for those mailing small care packages or gifts.

Are postal codes and zip codes the same? ›

Zip code refers to a type of postal code and is used primarily in the United States and the Philippines. The postal code, however, is typically utilized by the rest of the countries scattered throughout the world.

Does the zip code go on its own line? ›

It is preferred that all City, State, and ZIP Code information be on a single line. If that is not possible, the ZIP Code, including the ZIP+4 Code, may be placed below the city/state information. However, when compressing line #11, do not remove the hyphen between the ZIP Code and the ZIP+4 add-on code.

Can I ship a USPS package from a different ZIP code? ›

If you are shipping packages from a ZIP code different than your return address, you can set the Mailed From ZIP to the ZIP code that you are shipping from. This will ensure that mail is properly routed through the USPS.

Is Saturday a business day for USPS? ›

Yes, the USPS is open on Saturday. Post offices are open on Saturdays, although not all of them, so we need to check first. On Saturdays, the USPS delivers Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express items. First-class, Standard Post, and media mail delivery are not specified.

Does mail move on Sunday? ›

Does the USPS deliver letter mail on Sundays? No, only packages are delivered to select metro areas in the U.S. Letter mail is delivered 6 days a week Monday through Saturday.

What is the fastest mail to get? ›

Priority Mail Express is the fastest mail service offered by the Postal Service. It provides guaranteed 1-Day or 2-Day expedited service by 3 p.m. for any mailable matter and includes $100 of insurance coverage. Priority Mail Express delivery is offered 365 days a year in many locations.

Is mail faster than express? ›

Express Mail is the faster, more reliable version of Priority Mail – but for about 3x the price. If a package absolutely must arrive on time, though, you might want to use Express. Here's a general overview of the differences between Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

Why does it take so long for my mail to be delivered? ›

Unusual circumstances (such as traffic, staffing fluctuations, severe weather, natural disaster, changes in carrier route, etc.) can cause deliveries to be made after this time. Please Note: Priority Mail Express® mailpieces and Amazon parcels are the only pieces of mail delivered on Sunday.

How long does regular mail take from U.S. to Canada? ›

You can expect delivery anywhere between 6 days and 10 days with traditional Priority Mail to Canada and 3 to 5 days with Priority Mail Express.

How long does it take for mail to arrive in Canada? ›

The delivery standard for regular mail sent inside Canada is: Two business days for local mail. Three business days within the province. Four days for national mail.

Why is my mail taking so long to be delivered 2023? ›

Because of COVID-19 closures many Americans shifted to purchasing products online while staying at home and the country has experienced a shift in how it conducts business. Increased online sales have led to a higher demand for the USPS's delivery services, resulting in some deliveries taking longer than expected.

Is a ZIP code an exact location? ›

A ZIP Code is a geographical code used to identify a location or an area. It is used to help identify a specific place by combining a variety of geographic coordinates such as street address, city, county, state, and country in a five-digit code.

What are the 4 digits after ZIP code? ›

So what do the extra numbers mean? These last 4 digits represent specific delivery routes within delivery areas. This extra detail means an even more precise matching to a more granular level. It could represent a handful of houses on one side of a street, or even a single building that receives a high volume of mail.

How do postal codes work? ›

The characters are arranged in the form 'ANA NAN', where 'A' represents an alphabetic character and 'N' represents a numeric character ( e.g. , K1A 0T6). The postal code uses 18 alphabetic characters and 10 numeric characters. Eight alphabetic characters (D, F, I, O, Q, U, W and Z) are not in use at the present time.

Do all ZIP Codes in a state start with the same number? ›

The first number of the five-digit code signifies the region which the address is located in, a number that grows from the east coast to the west. For example, Eastern states such as Maine and New York begin with 0 or 1, whereas the Western states of California and Washington begin with a 9.

Can you put tape over address on envelope? ›

You certainly can. I routinely print address labels and tape them to boxes or envelopes with clear packing tape. Never had any problems with this technique. Scanners can read through the tape without any problems.

Does USPS prefer all caps? ›

Publication 28 - Postal Addressing Standards

Uppercase letters are preferred on all lines of the address block. Lowercase letters in various type styles are acceptable provided they meet postal guidelines for OCR readability.

What happens if you put the wrong city and ZIP code on a package? ›

Usually what happens is a carrier or post master from the office where the package is sent will correct the zip code by looking at the address and even reach out to that particular post office to ensure the package is delivered to the correct address.

Can you ship USPS using your own package? ›

Yes, so long as you're not shipping via Flat Rate. If you're shipping Priority Mail Commercial from home, you can use any box you want. Just be sure to remove any old postal barcodes or labels. By using PitneyShip, you can easily weigh and measure your package and print the appropriate Priority Mail postage.

How does USPS mail get from one state to another? ›

The Postal Service moves mail with a combination of Postal Service vehicles and contracted air, rail, truck, and ground services. Even though the daily volume of the mail can be estimated, there must be sufficient excess capacity to meet any variances and to meet service standards.

Does Saturday count as a shipping day? ›

Saturday is only considered a business day when priority Saturday service is chosen. Otherwise, Saturday is not counted when calculating business days. USPS typically delivers shipments Monday to Saturday, so Saturday can be considered as a business day.

Is Saturday a normal post day? ›

We deliver and collect your mail on most days of the year, including Saturdays. However, we don't usually deliver or collect on public or local holidays.

Is Saturday considered a banking day? ›

A business day is a popular unit of time measure that typically refers to any day in which normal business operations are conducted. In Western countries, this is generally considered to be Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time and excludes weekends and public holidays.

Does mail get moved on Saturday? ›

USPS does deliver on Saturday, although has short business hours and is closed on Sundays, and are closed on federal holidays. Keep this in mind when shipping and mailing items. Shortened hours and holidays could affect Priority Mail shipping times, which is typically a 1-3 day delivery range.

Why is there no mail on Sundays? ›

USPS does not deliver every day of the week for the same reason that other companies also have downtime. They do not pay their workers on Sundays or federal holidays, and instead allow them to take a break.

What time does mail get delivered? ›

USPS usually delivers mail between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, irrespective of the delivery service you use. However during peak seasons when there are a lot of mails to be delivered as late as 6.30 pm. However, USPS maintained, “We cannot find when a carrier or delivery person is guaranteed.

What is the best day to mail a letter? ›

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday– Delivery between Tuesday and Thursday is considered optimum. This is because recipients are well into the working week and likely to be going home that night.

What is the slowest mail day? ›

Sunday is the worst day for mail. You're less likely to get mail delivered on Sunday, as most mail services don't operate on this day.

What is the slowest mail? ›

USPS Parcel Select Ground is the slowest and cheapest USPS shipping service for mailing large and heavy items that exceed package dimension and weight limits.

What's the difference between first class mail and express mail? ›

First Class mail delivers within 2 – 3 days. Priority mail delivers within 1 – 3 days. Express mail delivers overnight. They also come with other facilities such as tracking and signature on delivery.

What is the difference between first class mail and overnight mail? ›

First class mail is limited to smaller packages that weigh less than 3.5 ounces, while Priority Mail can include packages that weigh up to 70 lbs. The other difference is that Priority Mail comes with insurance coverage if a product gets lost or damaged during delivery.

What is the difference between first class mail and priority mail? ›

USPS First Class Mail is typically used for smaller, lighter parcels—weighing under a pound—with items whose insured value is not very high. Items over a pound and/or items of higher value work better with Priority Mail. *Exceeding these maximum restrictions may result in a $100 charge applied to you by the USPS.

How long does it take for a mailman to deliver mail all the mail? ›

Generally speaking, standard mail takes around 3 to 4 days for it to be delivered, priority mail takes 1 to 3 days, and priority express mail takes 1 to 2 days.

Can mail take 2 weeks? ›

Standard mail will typically be delivered in under 5 business days locally, but nationwide it could take 2 to 3 weeks. Standard Mail should not be used for time-sensitive mail.

How long does USPS take to deliver a letter? ›

Mail in 1–5 Business Days; Small Packages in 2–5 Business Days. First-Class Mail® service is an affordable and easy way to send envelopes and lightweight packages. First-Class Mail Forever® stamps cost $0.63 (the current 1 oz price) and will never expire, even if the First-Class postage rate goes up.

How long does it take to receive a check in the mail? ›

Typical USPS priority delivery times are between 4-6 business days. For overnight delivery with FedEx its guaranteed to be delivered by noon the next day.

Is Saturday a business day for mail? ›

Every day except Sunday is a USPS business day. Local office hours vary from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, but some offices close earlier. Check your local post office hours before visiting. USPS delivers on Saturday, although it has short business hours and is closed on Sundays, and on federal holidays.

Does Sunday count as a shipping day? ›

No. First Class mail, that you typically receive all week long, will NOT get delivered on a Sunday. If you have ever seen the back of a mail delivery vehicle on Sunday, it's typically loaded with only Amazon and Priority mail packages.

How do I know if my mail was delivered today? ›

Users can access their Informed Delivery online dashboard to track and manage incoming mail and packages.

Do packages move on weekends? ›

Yes, UPS offers Mon-Sat delivery service for residential and commercial packages and offers delivery of residential packages on Sunday.

How often do checks get lost in the mail? ›

Three-tenths of 1 percent, or 1.4 million checks, are lost or stolen, according to the Treasury Department.

How long does a stamped letter take? ›

Generally speaking, standard mail takes around 3 to 4 days for it to be delivered, priority mail takes 1 to 3 days, and priority express mail takes 1 to 2 days.

Who is responsible if a check is lost in the mail? ›

Who is responsible if a check is lost in the mail? It's the responsibility of the person mailing the check to cancel it and make new payment arrangements. However, if you are waiting for payment, it's a good idea to ask the person sending the check when they posted it so you can keep an eye on your mail.

Does mail really take 7 to 10 business days? ›

Regular mail can take a maximum of 7 days to arrive. However, there are different delivery services through which you can send your mail quicker. Whereas priority mail can come quickly, forwarded mail can take slightly longer to arrive.

Does mail come faster on Saturday? ›

Priority Mail & Priority Mail Express items might be delivered on Saturdays. However, the delivery of first-class mail, media mail products, and standard post aren't specified. The USPS mainly delivers Priority Mail & Priority Mail Express items on Saturday.

Why would a mailman not deliver mail? ›

Delivery service may be suspended when there is an immediate threat (including, but not limited to, threats due to loose animals) to the delivery employee, mail security, or postal property. Delivery service may be temporarily withdrawn when animals interfere with our ability to complete mail delivery.

Does mail sometimes not get delivered? ›

There are many days on which mail will not be delivered, either by couriers or by USPS. The United States Postal Service does not deliver on every day of the year, and you will not get mail on Sundays, or national holidays. There are exceptions to this, however, as some mail services are still run on these days.


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